Sam Harris on liberal opposition to jihadism

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Sam Harris writes in the LA Times about “Head-in-the-Sand Liberals.” He sees liberals as too concerned with defeating the GOP and not enough with defeating al Qaeda.

On questions of national security, I am now as wary of my fellow liberals as I am of the religious demagogues on the Christian right. This may seem like frank acquiescence to the charge that "liberals are soft on terrorism." It is, and they are.

Harris speculates that:

Americans will come to believe that the only people hard-headed enough to fight the religious lunatics of the Muslim world are the religious lunatics of the West. Indeed, it is telling that the people who speak with the greatest moral clarity about the current wars in the Middle East are members of the Christian right, whose infatuation with biblical prophecy is nearly as troubling as the ideology of our enemies. Religious dogmatism is now playing both sides of the board in a very dangerous game.

The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Neither the Taliban nor the AmTaliban are friends of freedom, and we must always watch our backs when dealing with them.

Kevin Drum writes a rebuttal here at Washington Monthly, as does Marty Kaplan here at HuffPo, who asks:

Is there something inherently self-destructive about maintaining that different points of view, even warring religious points of view, can co-exist? Is it insane to focus on the highest common denominator of world faiths, rather than on the totalitarian premises of their doctrines? If religious pluralism was a good enough bulwark against tyranny in our Founders time, does the availability of weapons of mass destruction make own age fundamentally different?

I can’t wait to read his upcoming Letter to a Christian Nation.

(Thanks to Atheist Exposed for the tip.)

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