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This Newsweek article on atheism, “The New Naysayers” by Jerry Adler, selects Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Richard Dawkins as the voices of today’s atheism. This triumvirate so intellectually outweighs anyone on the theist side of the debate that Adler is forced to rely on the 92-to-6 disparity between believers and nonbelievers from a recent Newsweek poll. Adler inanely claims that Dawkins “seems not to have spent much time among ordinary Christians.” Such a claim isn’t even remotely possible, unless Dawkins’ entire adult life were spent among the godless 2%. Adler thus tries to sneak the “atheists-don’t-understand-religion” myth through the back door, but it’s far more accurate to note that we atheists understand religion all too well. Indeed, that is why many of us are atheists.

(Thanks to AtheistExposed for the tip.)

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