must-see TV: Bill Clinton on Fox

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I turned on Faux News yesterday afternoon specifically to watch Chris Wallace interview Bill Clinton, and it was worth every second. Wallace got his head handed to him for parroting the RNC talking points on bin Laden. Crooks and Liars has the video and the transcript; both are highly recommended.

MediaMatters has some additional information on Wallace’s false assertion during the interview that he has also asked tough anti-terrorism questions of Republicans. ThinkProgress has their own take as well. Liberal Avenger responds to the Right’s predictable reaction that Clinton was too angry:

Of course, you won’t find much discussion in the right-wing media on the merits of what Clinton said. Instead, Red State has an analysis of Clinton’s body language, as if the most important aspect of fight against terrorism is the posture of our leaders… […] …Clinton was forced to answer a multiple-part question that contained several false assertions. When he tried to answer the charges, he was repeatedly interrupted by Wallace. And yet, Clinton maintained his composure. He did not raise his voice, he did not become red-faced, and he certainly did not assault Chris Wallace.

So far, the right looks like they are content to critique Clinton’s body language, instead of the substance of his remarks. Most conservative analysts will be happy to do that until they have a chance to shove this interview down the memory hole, along with all of the attacks they leveled at Clinton for trying too hard to kill bin Laden.

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