more on ABC's 9/11 pro-Bush propaganda

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The New York Times has a good summary of the issues surrounding ABC’s pro-Bush biased 9/11 crockumentary. ABC commented that the miniseries is “a dramatization, not a documentary, drawn from a variety of sources, including the 9/11 commission report, other published materials and from personal interviews.” Does the “variety of sources” used by ABC really have to include complete fabrications designed to blame Clinton for the failures that happened on Bush’s watch?

For everyone in the reality-based community, Glenn Greenwald has put together a few facts regarding Clinton’s response to terrorism. He notes that “[t]o pretend that Republicans wanted a more aggressive stance than Clinton took is blatant revisionism.” It’s not surprising that the truth is nothing like the Bushevik fantasy of craven Democrats and bold Republicans. Editor & Publisher summarizes the miniseries, and John at AmericaBlog summarizes the bias:

It is 100% Clinton bashing and 100% pro-Bush. Which isn't surprising when ABC hires 3 Republican partisans to create and oversee the entire show. This movie is a political contribution to the Republican party from Disney/ABC.

Anonymous Liberal reminds us of the right-wing furor over The Reagans miniseries, and speculates on how a left-leaning 9/11 documentary would fare:

If the situation were reversed, it would result in a right-wing firestorm that would dwarf by many magnitudes the fury of a supernova. Every single conservative commentator, blogger, pundit, and politician would be absolutely apoplectic, and ABC would be lucky if it survived the fallout. If The Reagans was enough to provoke a right-wing media frenzy, God help us all if a network were to pull this 9/11 stunt in reverse. […] The same "liberal media" that almost instantly caved to conservative hysteria over The Reagans will likely air this 9/11 movie as planned. Given the choice between incurring the wrath of the Left or the Right, media executives almost always choose the former. That's just the way our liberal media operates.

That would be, as Eric Alterman observed, the “so-called liberal media.” The corporate media that actually exist in this country are far from liberal.

update (2:08pm)
ThinkProgress has a “Tell ABC to TELL THE TRUTH about 9/11” petition. Let ABC know that their standards are too low.

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