Jim Wallis v. Ralph Reed

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Jim Wallis is debating Ralph Reed at BeliefNet. (Wallis opens here Reed responds here, and then Wallis replies here.)

Wallis decries the Right’s attempt to “define values as meaning only two things – opposition to same-sex marriage and criminalizing abortion,” noting that:

it is actually arrogant to assume that only two issues involve moral values. And it is hubris to say that only those people with a conservative political position on those two issues are voting based on values.

Reed claims that liberal’s observation that conservatives’ focus on abortion and sexual orientation is a straw man, but he undercuts that position by calling those same two issues “the central moral questions of our time.” Wallis replies that:

neither party has a genuinely pro-family agenda. The Democrats, as you point out, make a big mistake of not speaking the language of family values while Republicans have only an anti-gay marriage agenda, not a comprehensive family friendly platform that especially takes the needs of America’s working families into account. And abortion is a moral issues that Democrats should address (and are beginning to), but so is a consistent ethic of life (as the Catholics say) which Republicans violate by focusing only on abortion and ignoring so many of the other greatest threats to human life and dignity.

Andrew Sullivan comments: “I have no idea why Reed has been chosen to represent the religious right. He's a political operative, tainted by financial scandal.” Personally, I think that “a political operative, tainted by financial scandal” is the ideal representative for them; without the confluence of politics and money, there would hardly be a religious Right in the first place.

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