GOP's "America Weakly"

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Somehow, I wound up on Ken Mehlman’s RNC email list. Even cursory attention to his blather is usually a waste of time, but today he actually sent something worthwhile. The GOP is now pushing the “Democrats are weak” meme with their new website, America Weakly. Insight into their skewed view of reality can be seen in the of their screed (” the newspaper of record for the Democrat [sic] majority”) detailing life one year after the Democrats take over Congress. It’s funny, in a sad sort of way.

Just as sad is the RNC’s insistence on using the noun “Democrat” as an adjective: not just once or twice, but 32 times in their 7-page screed. (The 414KB PDF version of the website is here.) How juvenile can they be?

Also (slightly) amusing is the purported quote from John Murtha, “Our troops have become the enemy.” This statement is attributed to Murtha all over the right-wing blogosphere, but not from any reputable news source. Why? Because it’s a fabricated quote. It appears to be a GOP-friendly remix of these statements made when introducing a resolution to bring our troops home from Iraq:

Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency. They are united against U.S. forces, and we have become a catalyst for violence. U.S. troops are the common enemy of the Sunnis, the Saddamists and the foreign jihadists.

Murtha also spoke about our troops and the mounting insurgency, noting that:

They don't deserve to continue to suffer. They're the targets. They have become the enemy. Eighty percent of the Iraqis want us out of there. […] …our troops are the enemy, they're the targets.


Incidents have increased and there's no economic progress. And we have become the enemy. And 80 percent of the Iraqis want us out of there.

From the context of Murtha’s statements, it is clear that he supports our troops more than all the GOP chickenhawks in Washington do. This is why Mehlman and his crew are spinning things so desperately. Are they even capable of telling the truth?

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