Blankley on moral clarity

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Tony Blankley's article for the Moonie Times, "The pope and Kissinger warn the world," is an interesting piece of writing. Assigning a religious figurehead (with a shady past) and a renowned war criminal (with an even shadier one) on a pedestal of "towering intellects" is a bold rhetorical move, but Blankley doesn't have the chops to pull it off. How, exactly, did morality became murky during the Pope's stint in the Hitler Youth, or during Kissinger's indiscriminate bombing of Southeast Asia? If the "Judeo-Christian God" of which Blankley speaks is truly "opposed to violence," would he support Nazis and napalm?

It's nice to see conservatives such as Blankley talking about geopolitics without their GOP-colored glasses, but the election-season fear-mongering is starting to wear a little thin. (I'm still waiting for Newt's "World War III" and Fox's "The End of the World.") They can posture as modern-day Churchills and Roosevelts all they want, but their specious analogies between Democrats and Neville Chamberlain still ring false.

There are no excuses for pre-emptive wars, either the quagmire they created in Iraq or the one toward which they are racing in Iran. There is no excuse for torture. There is no excuse for sullying the good name and reputation of our nation.

How's that for moral clarity?

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