Sugg on Reconstructionists

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John Sugg’s piece at AlterNet on Christian Reconstructionists mentions Gary North’s support for “the stoning of gays and nonbelievers,” and describes the platform at a recent “Creation to Revelation” conference:

• Six-day, "young earth" creationism is the only acceptable doctrine for Christians. Even "intelligent design" or "old earth" creationism are compromises with evil secularism. • Public education is satanic and must be destroyed. • The First Amendment was intended to keep the federal government from imposing a national religion, but states should be free to foster a religious creed. (Several states did that during the colonial period and the nation's early days, a model the Reconstructionists want to emulate.) • The Founding Fathers intended to protect only the liberties of the established ultra-conservative denominations of that time. Expanding the list to include "liberal" Protestant denominations, much less Catholics, Jews and (gasp!) atheists, is a corruption of the Founders' intent.

Sugg concludes that, while “Dobson, Robertson, Falwell and the Southern Baptist Convention (the nation's largest Protestant denomination) may not agree with everything the Reconstructionists advocate,”

they sure don't seem to mind hanging out with this openly theocratic, anti-democratic crowd. It's enough for Americans who believe in personal freedom and religious liberty to get worried about -- before the first stones start flying.

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