more on ACLU v. NSA

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A New York Times editorial on the ruling notes that:

… one judge in Michigan has done what 535 members of Congress have so abysmally failed to do. She has reasserted the rule of law over a lawless administration…

Glenn Greenwald has a brief analysis here, Anonymous Liberal has two (here and here), and there are two at Balkinization (by Joel Balkin and Marty Lederman).

Dubya weighed in on the issue during a Q&A at Camp David this morning, in his usual semi-articulate manner:

The judge's decision was a -- I strongly disagree with that decision, strongly disagree. That's why I instructed the Justice Department to appeal immediately, and I believe our appeals will be upheld. […] And I -- the American people expect us to protect them, and therefore I put this program in place. We believe -- strongly believe it's constitutional.

(Thanks to John at AmericaBlog for the tip. As he notes:

Bush said he thinks his wiretapping program is constitutional. But, he doesn't decide that. The courts do, whether he likes it or not.

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