GOP strategy for the 2006 midterms

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RawStory has Santorum and Hutchison’s strategy document for the GOP (2.4MB PDF) during the August recess, along with a background article. Apparently, Santorum apparently believes that repeating empty slogans (the three he suggests are “Securing America’s Homeland,” “Securing America’s Prosperity,” and “Securing America’s Values”) will stave off the GOP’s impending collapse.

The plan contains the usual election-season shenanigans: calling the estate tax “the death tax,” claiming that “renewal of the Patriot Act” has aided “the capture of many of al Qaeda’s top leaders,” and implying that Democrats “oppose[d] preserving a clear definition of marriage” by shunning the GOP’s failed anti-marriage amendment. Santorum then blamed Democrats for Republican profligacy (“Democrats…voted to continue raiding Social Security’s trust fund to pay for wasteful spending”) and lauded the GOP for its aspiration to “balance the budget in 5 years.” The complaint that “Democrats block the line item veto” is irrelevant in light of the Supreme Court’s 1998 decision in Clinton v. New York that ruled the line item veto unconstitutional.

If they’re going to campaign on brazen dishonesty, they deserve a resounding defeat.

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