Coulter and the crackpot Christians

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Walter Uhler wrote a two-part piece on "Crackpot Christianity" (part one is here, and part two is here). He slams Ann Coulter and her latest screed, Godless, for her part in fostering ignorance of science:

...except for the 2 million or so pathetic and witless kool-aid drinkers who mindlessly adore her, Darwin's Deadly Legacy would have gained greater mass credibility, had its producers decided to ask Bozo the Clown to pontificate on evolution.

Uhler mentions Jerry Coyne's "Coultergeist" at TNR, where Coyne writes of Coulter's Godless:

Any sane person who starts reading Godless will soon ask, Does Coulter really believe this stuff? The answer is that it doesn't much matter. What's far more disturbing than Coulter herself [...] is the fact that Americans are lapping up her latest prose like a pack of starved cats.


Her case for ID involves the same stupid arguments that fundamentalists have made for a hundred years. They're about as convincing as the blonde hair that gets her so much attention. By their roots shall ye know them.

I'm not sure which one is better.

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