Cal Thomas: wrong again

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In his column yesterday, Cal Thomas wrote that Ned Lamont's victory over Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary indicates the rise of what he calls "Taliban Democrats." The linking of liberals with an authoritarian conservative theocracy is absurd on its face, but I doubt that any of Thomas' true believers will even notice the contradiction. In an astounding burst of hyperbole, Thomas says Lieberman's loss shows that Democrats "effectively issued a political fatwah," are "willing to kill one of their own," and states that Lieberman was "being targeted as an infidel worthy of electoral death."

Lieberman's fate has little to do with "the will of the party mullahs," because many of them--including Bill Clinton and Barbara Boxer--campaigned for him; Lieberman lost for the simple reason that his GOP-lite candidacy garnered fewer votes than that of Ned Lamont. Cal Thomas may be frightened and angered by the end of the Democrats' rightward drift, but voters are rewarding it.

According to a recent CNN poll, 60 percent of Americans oppose our military presence in Iraq. Thomas repeatedly attempts to marginalize the mainstream by claiming that their views are a "narrow line" toed by "ultra-liberals" and "the narrow and rigid agenda of the kook fringe." Really? The majority of our country consists of ultra-liberals?

What a wanker.

(Thanks to MediaMatters for the tip.)

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