Bush and Camus

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While on vacation at his “ranch” in Waco, Dubya has allegedly been spending time with existentialist writer Albert Camus’ novel The Stranger.


The Carpetbagger Report has the best commentary on this absurdity:

"The Stranger" is not … how do I put this gently … an easy read. It's a novel steeped in philosophy, most notably Camus' existentialism, and delves into a not-so-subtle atheism (Meursault rejects any suggestion of embracing religion and believes there are no supernatural influences on humanity).

If Bush has decided to branch out and challenge himself, considering a worldview that is clearly at odds with his own, I'll be the first to congratulate him. But based on everything I've seen of the president, I simply find it hard to believe. I'm not suggesting the president offer us a book report, but if he wanted to take a moment, perhaps at his next press conference, to share his reaction to the book, I'd be anxious to hear his perspective.

Post Script: By the way, just an aside, if Bush did read the book, what will the GOP base think about the president picking up an existentialist novel with atheistic themes written by a Frenchman?

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