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Nancy Greggs at DU has posted the piece “As defined by others,” which discusses the ways Republicans slander Democrats. It’s a helpful tonic for everyone who is tired of the Right’s constant misrepresentation and oversimplification. My favorites are:

I am stubborn because I insist on thinking for myself, instead of allowing myself to be told what to think.

I am an intellectual snob, because I seek out the truth, instead of accepting what I am told without questioning the motives behind it.

I am an elitist because I believe in being well-read, well-educated, and well-informed, and do not want my country being governed by those who are clearly none of those things.


I am ill-informed because I do not accept biased media news coverage as being the last word on any topic.

I am ill-advised because I want to hear both sides of an issue, and not just the side I am told is the correct side.

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