Ann Coulter, feminist icon?

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Elspeth Reeve writes “A defense of Ann Coulter” in TNR:

Coulter shocks and offends, but underneath her offensiveness is a grain of truth that people cope with by critiquing her hair. […] Yes, yes, Coulter has said some terrible things. But I don't think it's the terrible things that really bother liberals. Coulter makes us cringe not when she lies, but when she says things we wish weren't true.


Coulter is a pretty woman who holds up a mirror showing us the ugliest parts of ourselves. She makes nice liberals think bad thoughts--particularly about whether they would have sex with her. Which is why we often fight back dirty, talking about her looks. […] All wrapped up in liberals' snarky comments about her hair is a wellspring of latent guilt for judging her by her hair. [emphasis added]

At least Reeve is honest enough to admit that Coulter isn’t exactly a paragon of truthfulness. For the record, though, it is the lies that make us cringe. I’m mostly inured to Coulter’s tactlessness, but the factlessness or her rants still bothers me. Reeve concludes with this bit of hero-worship:

I love Ann Coulter because, in her, I see a loudmouth on the assembly line, fighting not to be squished and whittled and boxed into the shape Washington seems to think fits a girl just right.

Reeve may wish to defend Coulter on feminist grounds, but such a defense is a weak one. Coulter is indeed succeeding in the male-dominated field of political punditry, but the problem isn’t that she eschews the stereotypically feminine qualities of soft-spokenness, politeness and consensus-seeking; it’s that she has succeeded at the expense of accuracy, honesty, civility, and journalistic integrity.

For anyone who just missed it, that was a perfectly accurate assessment of Ms. Coulter that, like the vast majority of liberal critiques of her public commentary, has nothing to do with her hair, her looks, or—shudder!—whether I’d have sex with her. (See I Fucked Ann Coulter in the Ass, Hard for a truly cringe-inducing tale.)

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