Specter and the NSA

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Glenn Greenwald posts twice (yesterday and today) on Specter’s proposals regarding the NSA spy programs. It’s simply appalling that Dubya might get away with this.

In essence, Specter's bill repeals each and every restriction on the President's ability to eavesdrop, all but forecloses judicial challenges, and endorses the very theory of unlimited executive power which Hamdan just days ago rejected…


… this is not a debate about whether to eavesdrop on Al Qaeda -- everyone is for that -- but is about whether George Bush should have the power to eavesdrop on Americans with no oversight, an awesome power which this country overwhelmingly decided 30 years ago, in the wake of decades of abuses, that we do not trust the President -- any President -- to have. This is yet another long-standing safeguard against abuses of executive power which the Bush administration is uprooting -- in the process, changing the kind of nation we are.

As a supplement, check out the ACLU’s Statement of Undisputed Facts in their motion against the NSA.

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