slouching toward theocracy

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Jeff Sharlet writes at The Revealer about Philip Yancey’s piece from Christianity Today on “The Lure of Theocracy.” Yancey asks his fellow Christians “Will we turn toward our own version of the harsh fundamentalism sweeping Islam today?” I am glad that Yancey recognizes the “potential for moral coercion” in theocracy, but he apparently does not realize that some of his co-religionists (Dominionists and Reconstructionists in particular) dance around the subjects of executing gays, disobedient children, and believers in “foreign gods” because they realize that such barbarity—despite its biblical provenance—is simply unacceptable in a liberal democracy. As Sharlet writes:

For too long, the [evangelical] movement and its secular apologists have so vigorously fought against caricature by the know-nothing contingent within liberalism that they've turned a blind eye to overwhelming evidence of the growing enthusiasm for faith-as-muscle within the movement.

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