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Steve Paulson interviews The End of Faith author Sam Harris at Salon. Harris has some harsh words in reference to the “diabolical books” of the Pentateuch, and about how Augustine “laid the foundations for the Inquisition.” When Paulson suggests that we should “stop reading sacred scriptures literally,” Harris replies, in part, that:

the fundamentalist is always on firmer ground theologically and -- I would argue -- intellectually than the moderate or the progressive. When you consult the books, you do not find more reasons to be a moderate or a liberal. You find more reasons to be a fundamentalist. I agree, it is a good thing to be cherry-picking these books and ignoring the bad parts. But we should have a 21st century conversation about morality and spiritual experience and public policy that is not constrained by superstition and taboo. In order to see how preposterous our situation really is, you need only imagine what our world would be like if we had people believing in the literal existence of Zeus. I defy anyone to come forward with the evidence that puts the Biblical God or the Quranic God on fundamentally different footing than the gods of Mt. Olympus. There are historical reasons why Zeus is no longer worshiped and the God of Abraham is. But there are not sound epistemological or philosophical or empirical reasons. [emphasis added]

(Thanks to The Revealer for the tip.)

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