Robertson and Coulter: a match made in…

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MediaMatters posted a transcript of Pat Robertson’s interview with Ann Coulter. I would hazard a guess, Ms. Coulter, that most liberals haven’t exhibited the desired amount of umbrage at being called “godless” because they’ve grown weary of responding to your slanders and libels. You have proven yourself to be such a dishonest commentator that it is only your deliberately inflammatory rhetoric that causes anyone to take your words seriously. I take some comfort in this exchange:

ROBERTSON: And you also, I will, I've got -- they are telling me we're out of time. I will end on this. You also point out, very cogently, that if same-sex beings tried to mate under natural selection, they should be automatically eliminated from the gene pool.

COULTER: That's right.


COULTER: Fortunately, the religion of liberalism believes in miracles, so they can hold together completely contradictory beliefs at one time.

ROBERTSON: So you can be biologically born that way, but at the same time the genetic code seems to indicate you would be automatically selected away --


ROBERTSON: -- in the survival of the fittest just for the mere fact you do not reproduce.

COULTER: That's right.

We can be thankful that neither Robertson nor Coulter has reproduced, removing their worthless legacy from the gene pool. Would that their memes could suffer the same fate.

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