nine key beliefs of Christian conservatives

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Rob Hood’s piece at Conservative Voice listing “nine key things that conservatives and Christians believe” is one of the silliest pieces of nonsense I’ve read in quite a while. He calls evolution “anti-God junk science,” believes that abstinence-based education “WORKS,” and then writes this gem:

Diversity and tolerance are good things so long as they are not taken advantage of like the left do all the time. […] The tolerance and diversity that left wing groups want us to have is known as sin and cannot be tolerated - ever!

This is one of the Right’s pet tricks: state agreement with a core principle of liberal democracy—such as civil tolerance—and then create an arbitrary exception to it. A conservative can state that tolerance is a “good thing” and simply call whatever he doesn’t like “sin” to negate the need to actually practice tolerance. Thus, his tolerance and intolerance never come into conflict. (In this respect, it’s like their “obscenity” exception to free speech and their branding of all dissent as “treason.”)

I do agree with Hood on one point, where he writes: “The best things that can be done at this point is for all conservative public school teachers to get up and leave the classrooms.” GO back home, instruct your own children in whatever non-historical and non-scientific tales you wish, and then complain that the next generation doesn’t know how to function in the real world. That will teach us proponents of liberal education a lesson! Later in the piece, Hood has an even better suggestion: “Perhaps having your children watch Fox News and Hannity will ensure that conservatives and normalality will not go extinct.”

He then instructs his fellow conservatives that “all you have to do is tell them [liberals] nine key things that conservatives and Christians believe and they will lose their mind.” How right you are! Despite living in a majority Christian society, in which conservative voices dominate the media, we liberals (most of whom are Christian) had no idea what Christians and conservatives believe Now that I’ve read his list—filled with multiple errors, half-truths, and distortions—I have indeed lost my mind.

(Thanks to PZ Myers at Pharyngula for the tip.)

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