New York Post on Coulter’s plagiarism

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This New York Post article lists Coulter’s plagiarism in her most recent book, Godless. John Barrie, who created the iThenticate plagiarism-recognition system, discovered at least three cases of “textbook plagiarism” in Coulter’s latest book; he also found other instances from her columns. James Wolcott slams both Coulter and her mainstream media enablers here.

She's swiping other people's work not because she's trying to slip something past us but because she's sloppy, lazy, and arrogant. She just doesn't give a fuck. She's learned that the rules of journalism and public discourse don't apply to her, having cheerfully violated them so many times before only to be rewarded with the cover of Time, countless cable-news appearances, and bestselling success. Pisspoor Media will quote her sliming hyperbole no matter how much of a subliterary parasite she is revealed to be. She knows this. Her shampoo with its special conditioning agents knows this. Her spot in the green room is secure.

If we are stuck with her, the least we can do is not lend her credibility by pretending she's anything other than a freak attraction.

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