"moral values" voters: 4%

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Everyone remembers the “moral values” voters who were such a big part of Bush’s 2004 “re”election; a new AP-Ipsos poll places them at 4% of the population.
Yahoo reports on the poll:

The problem mentioned most often by all the adults polled was the war — in Iraq and conflicts in general — 22 percent; economy at 14 percent; immigration and political leaders at 9 percent; the energy crisis at 8 percent and terrorism at 7 percent.

Other problems mentioned were: morality, 4 percent; education, 3 percent; crime and drugs, 1 percent and the environment, 1 percent.

That’s funny: I don’t see discriminating against gays and lesbians, abridging free speech, or restricting scientific research—the GOP’s priorities—anywhere on the list.

The full poll results are here. (Thanks to John at AmericaBlog for the tip.)

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