Michelle Goldberg on Christian Nationalism

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Michelle (Kingdom Coming) Goldberg was interviewed at AlterNet by Onnesha Roychoudhuri. She stated that Christianism, or “Christian Nationalism” in her words, “is a political ideology:”

It's less a religion than it is an ideology about the way America should be governed. It has this whole revisionist history claiming that America was founded as a Christian nation, that the separation of church and state is a fraud perpetrated by seculars. What follows from that are ideas about Christianization of institutions in American life, and that the courts have vastly overstepped their authority in the enforcement of the separation of church and state.

Goldberg identified mainstream-media deference to right-wing religious extremism as a major problem, in that it legitimizes their opinions in the public square:

There are all these voices on the right that can say almost anything without consequence. You would never see Kerry joining hands with someone from the Black Panther Party or someone from the ANSWER coalition. But there are people on the right who are calling for theocracy and almost nothing they say discredits them; they're still treated as respectable mainstream voices.

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