Liberal Avenger on "nihilism"

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The LiberalAvenger has a nice post on the philosophical vacuity of the wingnuts who cry “nihilism” whenever they encounter a contrary morality:

Nihilism has always been less a philosophy than a term of accusement. And ever since I arrived at college the inverse of most of my classmates - raised in a liberal Christian household at least somewhat ignorant of the depth and width of fundamentalism - I’ve been aiming that accusation directly at the “religious right.” Nietzsche’s problem with Christianity was its rejection of the world in favor of God. This, he thought, allowed Christians to act with impunity - that the otherworldliness of the Christian’s moral code made the Christian’s responsibility to worldliness moot. Thus all a Christian has to do is claim a belief in God and all his or her actions are justified.

As noted by Anne Norton in Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire:

The charge of "nihilism" is flung about so freely that it rarely means more than "I don't like that" or "I wish those people did not exist." (p. 99)

LA points out that it’s far easier to write a misleading bumper sticker—or a cartoon—than it is to read and understand Nietzsche. Or Kant. Or Strauss. Or anyone else who can be glibly misrepresented to slander one’s opponent.

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