"if I never read Ann Coulter again, it will be too soon"

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TPM Muckraker has a piece on the process of finding Ann Coulter’s plagiarism from her columns and her latest book: the investigator commented that “if I never read Ann Coulter again, it will be too soon.”

My sentiments exactly.

As MediaMatters observed, Coulter’s response to the New York Post article publicizing her plagiarism—which she called “constant harassment” was an evasive “I have sold a LOT of books -- more books, come to think of it, than any writers at the New York Post.” Ann, the issue isn’t how many books were sold with your name on the cover; the issue is how many words you stole from other writers and passed off as your own.

As always, her ability to excuse bad behavior stops with herself. MediaMatters notes her willingness to criticize others for the same offenses (“phony reporting, plagiarism, irresponsibility and fantastic lies”) that she commits with reckless irresponsibility.

It is disappointing that she couldn’t be bothered to plagiarize any scientific writings; doing so could have saved her from an incessant stream of embarrassing errors about elementary biology. (PZ Myers writes at Pharyngula about her “poor to nonexistent scholarship.”) Of course, plagiarizing scientific facts would have undercut her already-weak thesis that liberals are incapable of looking at the evidence and mounting a fact-based argument. Aren’t her fifteen minutes up yet?

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