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Mark Isaak writes “The Larger Issue of Bad Religion” at Panda’s Thumb to differentiate “bad” religion from “good” religion. In doing so, he pens a simple definition of theocrats: “A person is practicing bad religion if he or she, uninvited, attempts to impose any of their religious beliefs on another. A bad religion is any religion which condones such behavior.” Later, he discusses the allies of “good” religious people:

Our allies are anyone who may be adversely affected by bad religion, and that includes very nearly everybody. We should encourage alliances with politicians, journalists, human rights advocates, popular writers, and anyone else who is willing to help. […] Others among the religious may object to working with atheists. To them, I suggest that they are approaching the criterion for joining bad religion. More generally, if you cannot cooperate with other decent people, the problem is not with the other people.

(Thanks to PZ Myers at Pharyngula for the tip.)

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