an atheist's story of faith

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WaPo is asking for personal “spiritual stories” from readers, so PZ Myers submitted his own deconversion story. Here’s the highlight:

I also lived near the town library. I was there every day. […] I learned that the world was a wonder, and people could actually spend their lives trying to understand it. Science was like a laser that burned the superstition and empty rituals of the church out of my brain.

I suddenly realized something: in all the theological texts, in all the dogma I was committing to memory, there wasn't even the tiniest fraction of the beauty and joy and truth I could find in one short article on insect biomechanics, or cytoplasmic transport, or recreational mathematics.

I walked away from the church, unconfirmed, with no regrets, and happy that I'd replaced the burden of dusty, dead authoritarianism with participation in the living world. Apostasy tastes sweet and satisfying, and I can thank a local library…

If enough others submit their own “temple of reason” stories, maybe the Post will acknowledge the existence of atheists in America!

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