DeLay’s goodbye speech

Tom DeLay’s farewell speech yesterday from the floor of the House was a mixed bag. In the midst of praising the virtues of partisanship, DeLay had this passage that was part truth:

Liberalism, after all, whatever you may think of its merits, is a political philosophy and a proud one with a great tradition in this country…

and part bullshit:

…with a voracious appetite for growth. In any place or any time on any issue, what does liberalism ever seek, Mr. Speaker? More. More government, more taxation, more control over people’s lives and decisions and wallets.


Conservatives, especially less enamored of government's lust for growth, must remember that our principles must always drive our agenda and not the other way around. For us, conservatives, there are two such principles that can never be honorably compromised: human freedom and human dignity.

Let’s contrast his caricature of liberalism with the truth about Bush-era conservatism: more wars, more lies about WMDs, more torture, more lawlessness, more domestic spying, more restrictive “free speech zones,” more scandals, more coverups, more secrecy about government affairs, more K Street lobbyists and industry insiders writing legislation, more deficit spending, more tax giveaways for the wealthy, more poverty, more bankrupt families, more people without health insurance, more attempts to weaken vital social programs, more faith-based bigotry, more breaches in the church-state wall, more intrusions into our relationships and family decisions, and—thinking of you, Tom—more corruption in Congress.

Enjoy your retirement, Tom. We will.

update (6/13 @ 13:45pm):

I’ve been thinking about the last paragraph, and felt that it needed to be reworked. Here is my “director’s cut” version of what the continuation of Bush-era conservatism will bring, absent a Congressional re-alignment in November:

more lies about non-existent WMDs, and more “fixed” intelligence; more wars, more war crimes, and more war profiteering; more civilian “collateral damage,” more insufficient planning, more inadequate armor, and more of our soldiers dead or maimed; more extra-legal imprisonment, and more “extraordinary renditions,” more rapes, more “waterboarding,” more torture, and more murders; more Abu Ghraibs, more Guantanamos, and more Bagrams; more violations of treaties and international law (the UN Charter, the Nuremberg Charter, and the Geneva Conventions); more warrantless wiretaps, more domestic spying, and more restrictive “free speech zones;” more detentions, more deportations, and more “disappearances;” more government-funded propaganda, more collusion with the corporate media, more Swift-Boating, more faux journalism, and more politically motivated outing of covert operatives; more secrecy about government affairs, more scandals, more stonewalling, more cover-ups, and more obstruction of justice; more non-census redistricting, more disenfranchisement, more voter intimidation and suppression, and more judicial nominations like Roberts, Alito, and Miers; more gross negligence, more dereliction of duty, and more incompetence by “heck of a job” cronies; more K Street lobbyists and industry insiders writing legislation, more pork, more earmarks, more waste, and more fraud; more corporate welfare, more bailouts and giveaways, more no-bid contracts, and more crony capitalism; more “starve the beast” fiscal policy, more deficit spending, more tax giveaways for the wealthy, more raided pensions, and more “trickle-down” economics; more stagnant incomes, more poverty, more bankruptcies, more families without health insurance, and more attempts to weaken vital social programs; more union-busting, more environmental degradation, and more politicization of science; more disregard for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of law; more disdain for the separation of powers and more “signing statements;” more faith-based bribery and bigotry, more Creationism in public schools, more breaches in the church-state wall, and more attempted intrusions into our relationships and our family decisions; more lawlessness, more abuses of power, and more high crimes and misdemeanors; more Frists, more Abmaroffs, more Safavians, more Cunninghams, more Neys, and more Delays.

The Busheviks can’t possibly do more damage out of office than they did in it.


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