yes, Hitler was a Christian

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Marcus at God Is for Suckers! has several choice Hitler quotes, which he used to (yet again) debunk the “Hitler was an atheist” meme that is still used to slander atheism in general and atheists in particular. Despite how strongly some religious believers want to push Hitler out of the church, he was still Catholic; his words reveal his Christian beliefs quite clearly. Additionally, the existence of the Christian Identity movement proves more than adequately that Christianity is just as compatible with racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia now as it was during the mid-twentieth century.

Hitler's religion is ultimately a red herring, though: even if he had been a closeted atheist, he
used pro-religious rhetoric to garner public support for his racist policies. The same principle applies to his sexuality: even if Hitler had been secretly gay--as alleged by Lothar Machtan in The Hidden Hitler--his actions were still those of a homophobic monster.

P.S. By the way, Marcus, the correct term is "Godwin's Law."

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