TruthDig interview with Sam Harris

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Blair Golson’s interview with Sam Harris was published at TruthDig on Monday. Harris attacks fundamentalism, as usual, with well-chosen barbs like this one:

There’s nothing worse than the first books of the Hebrew bible: Leviticus and Deuteronomy and Exodus, these are the most barbaric, most totalitarian, most Taliban-like documents we can find.

Near the end of the interview, he discussion plans for an atheist foundation to “produce media events, documentaries, conferences, and other means of waging this war of ideas,” and then mentions the really good news:

I’ve got a book coming out around Thanksgiving, by Knopf, entitled “Letter to a Christian Nation.” It’s going to be a short broadside against fundamentalist Christianity. It’s a book that a person could simply hand to a member of the religious Right and say, “What’s your answer to this?” It will be my best effort to arm progressives and secularists against the religious certainties of Christian fundamentalists—in about a hundred pages.

(Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the tip. He even referred to Harris as “one of the more fearless and bracing public thinkers out there today.”)

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