the Republicants

Sherman Yellen writes over at HuffPo that the GOP should be referred to as “The Republicants” because “It is clear that they can't do anything right.” Here is an abbreviated version of his list:

1) For starters, the Republicants can't tell the truth.

2) It appears that the Republicants can't provide an economy that benefits anyone but the top 10 percent of Americans.

3) The Republicants can't provide real protection from terrorists. Remember, 9/11 happened on their watch.

4) They can't control pork barrel spending and destructive deficits.

5) They can't understand science, but they can attempt to block scientific breakthroughs.

6) They can't protect our citizens, particularly the least privileged ones, when a natural disaster such as Katrina occurs.

7) Most of all, and worst of all, they can't appeal to the best instincts of the voters, so instead they choose to divide people with bogus issues such as gay marriage.

8) And they can't bamboozle seniors with a phony Medicare drug benefit which mainly benefits the pharmaceutical companies.

Yellen concludes:

So REPUBLICANT it is for me, and it shall ever be, until some Republicant comes along who is capable of speaking truth plainly and representing the interests of the American people and I will gladly drop the telltale t. Until then, I'll stick with the Democratic Party.


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