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No, it’s not the professors: it’s the students!

Emerging Democratic Majority discusses the new study from Harvard’s Institute of Politics (176KB PDF). When asked about “most political issues,” 47% of the students classified themselves as “liberal” or “moderate liberal,” with 41% using “conservative” or “moderate conservative” and 18% “moderate.” Party identification is 32% Democratic and 24% Republican, with 41% independent and a few others.

The EDM summary is:

Of course, there's no guarantee IOP’s college students and Gen Y adults in general will stay as progressive as they are now--change is possible (but much less likely after the age of 30 which is not so far away for the leading edge of this generation).

But they're off to a good start! Their current progressive views can only make those on the center-left smile. And the conservative Establishment in Washington scowl.

Someone at Faux News will be get outraged about this trend any second now.

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