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The administration has found a way to render the LGBT community as invisible as possible for today’s Easter Egg festivities. Faced with the spectre of gay families’ kids publicly cavorting on the White House lawn, the Bushites decided to change procedure to keep those dangerous rainbow-sporting types away from the opening ceremonies. Pam Spaulding has the details over at Pandagon.

Is there anything this administration won’t do to placate its hardcore bigot fringe?

update (4:04pm): has the story on the event:

Mrs. Bush and the President posed for pictures - but only with the families of White House staff. By the time the gay and other families were allowed in the First Lady had left - a carefully orchestrated move to avoid being caught on film meeting any of the children of same-sex couples as the Administration pushes for a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage.

(Thanks to Pam at Pandagon for the tip.)

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