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Some researchers at MediaMatters took the trouble to tabulate David Horowitz’s anecdotes from his recent book The Professors, which I commented on here. Horowitz has declared that he was evaluating the professors’ conduct in the classroom, and that he didn’t criticize them based on personal outside-the-classroom incidents. No surprisingly, Horowitz lied:

The study found that of the 100 professors profiled (not 101 as the book's title indicates), Horowitz noted the outside-the-classroom speech and activities of 94 professors in seeking to support his assertions that they are America's "most dangerous academics"; in other words, contrary to his claims on the April 6 edition of Hannity & Colmes, Horowitz criticized only six professors exclusively for their in-class activities (including their speech in class, course titles and/or texts used). Furthermore, in most cases (52 out of 100), Horowitz listed only out-of-class activities, apparently basing his entire claim that a professor is "dangerous" on events that occurred outside the classroom, without mention of anything that went on inside the classroom. [emphasis added]

The full report is here.

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