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Ernest Partridge’s latest article, “Newspeak and the Corruption of Politics,” is up at DU. He starts of with a quote from George Orwell’s popular essay “Politics and the English Language” before both defending liberal/progressive thought and—with some help from George Lakoff—redefining the Right as “regressive” rather than “conservative.” (I’ve done so myself; the “progressive-versus-regressive” meme has a nice ring to it, in addition to being accurate.)

Partridge’s hyperbole does come off as slightly overblown, as in the conclusion below:

What we are enduring today is an aberration. The regressives are now in control, and they will be ruthless in their determination to remain in control. But their rotting foundation is beginning to crumble. Dissenting messages of truth and justice are breaking through in the mainstream media, while they are thriving in the alternative media. The public is waking up, as the approval ratings of the Bush and his crime syndicate continue to fall. The coalition of the right is falling apart, as libertarians, evangelicals and moderate Republicans defect. We may all pay a terrible price in the struggle ahead to bring down this regressive regime. But a regime based upon groundless faith, lies, greed and injustice cannot stand forever.

That flaw can hardly be criticized by the Right, given the rhetorical excesses of their media megaphone personalities. Partridge is a more-than-adequate counterweight to any of the GOP gasbags: Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, Malkin, O’Reilly, Savage, et al.

Unfortunately, he’s not a match for all of them.

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