Glenn Greenwald on the ‘thought process’ of Bush defenders

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Glenn Greenwald’s latest post, “Anatomy of the ‘thought’ process of Bush defenders,” is a brutal evisceration of today’s faith-based conservative ideology:

As much as anything else, Bush defenders are characterized by an increasingly absolutist refusal to recognize any facts which conflict with their political desires, and conversely, by a borderline-religious embrace of any assertions which bolster those desires. It's a world-view which conflates desire with reality, disregards all facts and evidence that conflict with the decreed beliefs, and faithfully embraces any assertions and fantasies, no matter how baseless and flagrantly false, provided that it bolsters the myths. [emphasis added]

Greenwald uses several examples (including a recent—baseless, of course—accusation by Matt Drudge) to illustrate his thesis, and concludes with this:

Being able to pick and choose what facts you want to believe based upon which ones feel good or vindicate your desires can be emotionally satisfying, but there is no more destructive and dangerous mental approach than this for determing [sic] how the world's sole superpower will be governed.

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