pro-torture Christians

Andrew Sullivan has a depressing piece on the Pew study showing the prevalence of American support for torture. One part that both he and I found interesting is that we secular American are less supportive or torture than Catholics and Protestants:

If you combine those Christians who think torture is either never or only rarely acceptable, you have 42 percent of Catholics and 49 percent of white Protestants. The comparable statistic of those who are decribed as "secular," which I presume means agnostic or atheist, is 57 percent opposition. In other words, if you are an American Christian, you are more likely to support torture than if you are an atheist or agnostic. Christians for torture: it's a new constituency. Another part of the Bush legacy. [emphasis added]

All this time, I thought that we were the immoral ones, but the data (excerpted by the National Catholic Reporter) show otherwise.


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