the MBA mentality toward governance

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Thomas Schaller at Gadflyer mentioned Ryan Lizza’s “Cheney Shoots, Bush Ducks” at The New Republic.

Bush famously brought to Washington an MBA's approach to governing. He spoke incessantly of the importance of delegating authority and his aides internalized that obsession by insulating him from the gritty particulars of managing the federal government. Micro-management and over-attention to detail became managerial crimes in the Bush White House. The irony is that this fear of detail is what has led to Bush's greatest failures. […]

The Bushies are supposedly fans of the so-called unitary executive theory, an idea with roots in Alexander Hamilton's Federalist No. 70. Their reading of Hamilton is that the executive branch has to be powerful. But they have it wrong. Hamilton didn't call for a powerful executive, he called for an "energetic" one, the kind who cuts through bureaucracy during an emergency or commands his generals instead of deferring to them. But Bush's detached MBAism is the opposite of energetic. It's passive and lethargic. No wonder he's always the last to know. [emphasis added]

Lizza perfectly nails this administration’s MBA mentality toward governance (the long vacations, the ever-present air of entitlement, the arrogant aloofness, the delegation of anything resembling work, the blaming of underlings when things go awry, etc.) that continues to plague our nation.

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