just what we need: aggressive ignorance

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My local newspaper printed the article “Ministries spread the word of creationism across the country: Children as young as 5 learn to defend theory [sic]” (reprinted from the LA Times). It’s about evangelical creationist Ken Ham’s travels across the country “training kids as young as 5 to challenge scientific orthodoxy” (by which he means evolution) by parroting the biblical orthodoxy of creationism. The writer notes that:

…he was training them to reject much of geology, paleontology and evolutionary biology as a sinister tangle of lies. […] He aims to give people who trust the biblical account of creation the confidence to defend their views — aggressively.

That’s exactly what we need in this country: not just more ignorance, but aggressive ignorance. (As if the shouting heads on talk radio and Faux News weren’t bad enough, now they’re stepping up efforts to indoctrinate kids into their cretinous creationism.) The only consolation I can find in this article is that Ham is a former high-school biology teacher; at least he’s not currently teaching.

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