Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” and George Bush’s “addiction”

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Anonymous Liberal takes the position that “It’s Time to Apologize to Jimmy Carter” for his unjustly-derided “malaise” speech.

He’s as right now as Carter was in 1979.

It just goes to show: after a few decades, conservatives will realize that liberals were right. (Just don’t expect them to ever admit it.)

Anonymous Liberal also wrote the following sentiment last September:

Carter's speech was disparaged not because it was wrong, but because it was not what people wanted to hear. He was too honest, too candid, too far-sighted in his vision. This allowed others to step in tell people what they wanted to hear: that there were easy answers, that there was no need to sacrifice or alter our lifestyles in any significant way. So instead of reducing our consumption, we greatly increased it. Instead of pursuing alternative fuels, we simply purchased more oil. Now we face all the same issues again, only much worse.

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