defending the “Atheist Manifesto”

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Sam Harris defends his “Atheist Manifesto” in a follow-up piece at TruthDig. He once again defuses the “atheists as totalitarians” fables, noting that:

The problem that the atheist exposes is none other than the problem of dogma itself--of which every religion has more than its fair share. I know of no society in recorded history that ever suffered because its people became too reasonable.

Harris then tackles the “atheists can’t be moral” falsehood:

As a source of objective morality, the bible is one of the worst books we have. It might have been the very worst, in fact, if we didn’t also happen to have the Koran.

It’s a wonder that no one has burned Harris in effigy yet, or issued a fatwa against him and his writings.

(Thanks to Atheist Revolution for the tip.)

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