challenging the mythical “War on Xmas”

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Christmas Calumny” at Wall of Separation mentions a challenge to the Right’s bogus “War on Christmas.” One of the school districts in question is demanding an apology from the Falwell-affiliated Liberty Counsel [sic].

The Dodgeville School District has demanded that Liberty Counsel issue a public apology for a press release it issued in early December claiming that Ridgeway Elementary School officials had secularized the lyrics to numerous religious songs, such as “Silent Night,” in the school’s holiday programs. The district is also asking for $23,899.48 in compensation for costs that officials incurred in refuting the lies about their community.

“Your dissemination of false and misleading information and your threats of specious and frivolous litigation resulted in enormous cost the district,” wrote school attorney Eileen A. Brownlee, in a letter last week to Liberty Counsel. “You have yet to present the facts either through a press release, one of your ‘alerts’ or through any other means. You used this red herring to attempt to collect money through the form of donations.”

What happened to “Thou shalt not bear false witness?” Perhaps it was only a suggestion, after all; or perhaps the Right should start living by the Ten Commandments and stop force-feeding them to the rest of us.

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