Cenk Uygur: A Secular Revolution

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Cenk Uygur’s “A Secular Revolution” at HuffPo starts by railing against the Muslims rioting over so-called “blasphemous” cartoons:

Are all you religious fundamentalists so unsure of your so-called eternal truths that you cannot dare defend them with ideas? You must resort to violence or legal strictures because you have neither intellect nor facts on your side. Certainly, the Muslims rioting throughout the world this past week have proven this. They must resort to violence because they are ideologically bankrupt.

Uygur then talks about the Iranian drive to possess nuclear weapons, and the opposing desire of the West to prevent that from happening:

There are fundamentalists on both sides who are actively looking forward to Armageddon, where they think their prophet will come back and save them and kill every one else. These people are absolutely crazy. But we treat them with kid gloves for fear of offending their maniacal religions.


The moderates who believe in rational secularism must band together to fight the fundamentalists on both sides. If we don’t, they are going to drag us into endless wars to fulfill their sick prophecies. Except, there isn’t going to be a shining knight in armor at the end who saves humanity. There’s just going to be a whole lot of dead people.

His best line—not an original thought, but particularly germane—is toward the end of the article, as he laments more impending warfare in the Middle East: “God save us from your followers.”

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