religious correctness protects child sexual abuse

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I don’t have any comment on this New York Post article. It’s just too appalling:

Mayor Bloomberg intervened yesterday in a holy war between the city Health Department and Hasidic leaders who are battling over a controversial mouth-to-penis circumcision practice that health officials claim infected five infants with herpes -- one fatally.

Bloomberg agreed to negotiate with rabbinical leaders after they marched out of a meeting with Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden last week.

"It was an open and frank dialogue," said a Bloomberg spokesman.

A source who attended the meeting with the mayor said, "It's still at an impasse," although he noted that yesterday's sit-down was not as heated as the earlier meeting.

The Raving Atheist has already said everything that I wanted to say:

In a sane world, grown men who chew the foreskins off little babies, infect them with diseases and kill them don't get to arrogantly walk out of meetings with health officials. They don't get to create impasses with powerful mayors. In fact, they don't get to meet with health officials or mayors. They're dragged out of their beds at 4 a.m. by police officers, locked up in prison for life and, if they ever get out, forced to register as sex offenders until they die.

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