Kos vs. Sullivan

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Yesterday, Kos took umbrage at something Andrew Sullivan said over the weekend. One of Sullivan’s readers commented on the “repellant” “radical Left.” Sullivan responded:

Yes, there's nothing so valuable to George W. Bush and the religious right than Daily Kos, Moveon.org and Ted Kennedy. What would he do without them?

Kos referred to Sullivan as an “idiot” in his reply, and went on to say this:

…institutions like MoveOn and Daily Kos are a reaction to the Right Wing's tactics for the past 20 years. We are a reaction to the politics of personal destruction pioneered by the right's Clinton-hating brigades, the vile and corrosive rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and company, and the politics of demonization which the Right practices against blacks, immigrants, and gays.

But when someone on the left fights back, it's the end of the fucking world.

I understand that it was easier for right-wing hacks to ply their trash when liberals unilaterally disarmed and took it with nary a peep. I understand they pine for those days when the best we could offer in rebuttal was Alan Colmes.

But they created the environment we now play in. They wanted a "culture war", an ideological fight, a partisan rumble in which only one side brought guns to the game. Those days are over.

They don't like it, they only have themselves to blame. [emphasis added]

Aside from his attack on Sullivan, Kos is right on the money. The Right has become so arrogant in their dominance that their first reaction to any kind of dissent is “How dare you!” They can only get away with feigned outrage because so few people are speaking out, and that will only change as the Left exhibits some more backbone.

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