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James Moore (author of Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential) writes in “Branded” at HuffPo about his experience with the no-fly list.

After being told by some TSA clerk that “there is something in your background that in some way is similar to someone they are looking for,” Moore asks: "One last thing: this guy they are looking for? Did he write books critical of the Bush administration, too?"

He describes his Kafkaesque situation with a certain bemusement:

I have been on the No Fly Watch List for a year. I will never be told the official reason. No one ever is. You cannot sue to get the information. Nothing I have done has moved me any closer to getting off the list.

Moore concludes:

there's always the chance that the No Fly Watch List is one of many enemies lists maintained by the Bush White House. If that's the case, I am happy to be on that list. I am in good company with people who expect more out of their president and their government.

Hell, maybe I'll start thinking of it as an honor roll.

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