George Will "For the House GOP, A Belated Evolution"

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George Will's column in the Washington Post today, "For the House GOP, A Belated Evolution," suggests that the stegosausus, "so neurologically sluggish that when its tail was injured, significant time elapsed before news of the trauma meandered up its long spine to its walnut-size brain," should be the new symbol for House Republicans. In between excoriating GOP profligacy and proposing solutions, Will has this gem:

"K Street conservatism" compounds unseemliness with hypocrisy. Until the Bush administration, with its incontinent spending, unleashed an especially conscienceless Republican control of both political branches, conservatives pretended to believe in limited government. The past five years, during which the number of registered lobbyists more than doubled, have proved that, for some Republicans, conservative virtue was merely the absence of opportunity for vice.

(Thanks to Andrew Sullivan.)

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