Barnes’ hagiography of Dubya

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James Wolcott mentions Jane Hamsher’s comment about Fred Barnes’ fawning book on Bush:

"...Fred Barnes' chin will be dusted for George Bush's ball prints..."

Wolcott calls that “The Most Disturbing Mental Image of the Week,” but I call it:

Best. Book review. Ever.

Isaac Chotiner’s review at Washington Monthly, “Fred Barnes delivered the talking points,” notes that:

you can always find Barnes calmly toeing the administration's line. When even FOX News panelists seemed uncomfortable with the administration's position on torture, there was Barnes defending the policy. When the president nominated Harriet Miers—and most conservative commentators and intellectuals rebelled—there was Barnes supporting the choice. He is the perfect Bush hack.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Barnes’ book is titled Rebel-in-Chief: How George W. Bush Is Redefining the Conservative Movement and Transforming America. The title is patently false, as Bush is the very apotheosis of the GOP status quo government rather than a rebel seeking to reform it. The subtitle is, however, quite accurate: Bush’s redefinition of conservatism is driving principled conservatives away as his minions labor mightily to transform America into a one-party banana republic.

The same basic observation of sycophancy can be made about Ronald Kessler’s A Matter of Character: Inside the White House of George W. Bush. I picked it up when it was released in August 2004, and began to read the inside flap:

Honesty. Integrity. Clarity of purpose. These are the qualities that Ronald Kessler, author of the New York Times bestseller Inside the White House, discovered while investigating our current president who is so scrutinized—and so criticized—at home and around the world.

I bemusedly wondered what color the sky is in Kessler’s world as I returned the book to its place on the shelf and continued on. Even by that point in time, Bush’s mendacity had been so well established that to assert otherwise was nothing short of deliberate deception.

I’m sure that both Barnes’ and Kessler’s books will be prominently displayed at Dubya’s Presidential Liebrary.

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