an accurate and verifiable Biblical warning

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God Is for Suckers! has posted this image of a Bible with a warning sticker.


If you can't make out the text on the advisory label, it reads:

WARNING: This is a work of fiction. Do NOT take it literally.

CONTENT ADVISORY: Contains verses descriptive or advocating suicide, incest, bestiality, sadomasochism, sexual activity in a violent context, murder, morbid violence, use of drugs or alcohol, homosexuality, voyeurism, revenge, undermining of authority figures, lawlessness, and human rights violations and atrocities.

EXPOSURE WARNING: Exposure to contents for extended periods of time of during formative years in children may cause delusions, hallucinations, decreased cognitive and objective reasoning abilities, and, in extreme cases, pathological disorders, hatred, bigotry, and violence including, but not limited to fanaticism, murder, and genocide.

I wonder what rating the MPAA would apply to the Bible, if it was faithfully (no pun intended) adapted for the screen. Honesty and consistency would dictate that it not be shown in most theaters, and not sold in most video stores.

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