Al Gore receives an award for inventing the Internet

I heard about this pending award some time ago, and filed it away for future use:

In recognition of the pivotal role he has played in the development of the Internet over the past three decades, The Webby Awards will present former Vice President Al Gore with The Webby Lifetime Achievement Award. The award will be presented by Vint Cerf, widely credited as a founder of the Internet.

Yesterday, Al Gore received his Webby. As the New York Times noted this morning:

"One of the more charming idiosyncrasies of the Webby Awards, the annual awards for achievement in Web creation, is that recipients get five words, and five words only, to make their acceptance speeches.

So after a night full of award innuendos and one-line haiku at Gotham Hall in Manhattan, the 550 people in attendance were wondering how Al Gore, the former vice president, would respond to his lifetime achievement award.

He did not disappoint.

'Please don't recount this vote,' he said. The place went nuts.

Mr. Gore, who was politically savaged during the 2000 presidential campaign for a remark that seemed to imply that he had created the Internet, was introduced by Vinton Cerf, a man who has a more legitimate purchase on that claim. Mr. Cerf, one of the scientists credited with having built the Internet, had his own five-word speech – 'We all invented the Internet' - before pointing out that Mr. Gore had been responsible for spearheading critical legislation and providing much-needed political support, which is not exactly creating a paradigm shifting piece of technology, but is not bad for a politician."

I'm sure that no apologies are forthcoming from Gore's detractors for their misrepresentations of his original statement.


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